"Let's Go! Little Blue!" — a free book — is my thank you to the precedent set by the Mt. Vernon, New York, Public Library.

On May 9, 1932, my tenth birthday, I was given permission to walk to the library by myself. There were no bus lines. There was a trolley, but on the far side of town. People stopped to stare if a lonely car drove by. Everyone walked. It was a long walk to the library, but it was exciting to be independent.

Let's Go! Little Blue!

My challenge was to safeguard the books. I would pile the books in the crook of my left arm, leaving my right hand free to keep them from sliding out from under my chin. This took my complete concentration.

At the beginning, I was too young to understand certain books which appealed to me. My first choice was "Anna Karenina." I thought it would be about a girl. It was. I read it and reread it many times over the years. It was a good choice.

So here is "Little Blue" who has my same curiosity about the world and the unknown Dark Forest. I hope you enjoy this adventure and many more to come.

--Lorraine Paley

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