Let's Go! Little Blue!

“Old Elephant,” begins Rosieā€¦ but Little Blue interrupts, “Old Elephant, what a beautiful saddle.”

Old Elephant is grumpy. “It is not a saddle. It is a painted decoration.”

Little Blue: “Whatever, it is jazzy and what a great hat!”

Old Elephant is pleased to be admired. “Thank you little creature, I have never seen a blue horse so small before.”

“Have you seen a big blue horse?” asks Rosie.

Old Elephant, “Of course I have seen a big blue horse. I never forget.”

“Where did it go?” asks Rosie, Owlet, Jasper and Little Blue all at the same time.

“Listen carefully,” says Old Elephant. “Take the next right. Then turn left. Go around in a circle and a big blue horse might still be there.”

“Let’s go!” shouts Jasper.

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