Let's Go! Little Blue!

Rosie, Jasper, Owlet, and Little Blue follow the directions. First turn right, then left, then around in a circle. They all look in amazement. Standing there and looking down at Little Blue is a very big blue horse.

The big blue horse talks very sternly. “Little Blue, where have you been? We have been very worried, and I have been galloping all over the Dark Forest looking for you.”

Little Blue answers, “Oh Poppy, you had no need to worry. I was lost in the Dark Forest, but Rosie, Jasper, and Owlet found the way back, and I ate apples and had so much fun and here I am.”

Poppy looks at all of them. “Thank you Rosie, Jasper, and Owlet. I am sure he was a bother. Listen, I hear music. Little Blue, Blue won’t start without you. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry.”

“Let’s go!”

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